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"The rug enhances my current dining area with enough versatility for future design choices. Oriental Rug Weavers is the place for unique, beautiful design and impeccable customer service."
Home Renovator - Virginia
"He gave us lots of good decorating ideas and color suggestions that will help us in several rooms, and he made us a very fair price. Highly recommend Faisal."
Oscar - Virginia
"I can highly recommend Oriental Rug Weaviers and their honest dealing and patient attention to learning what you want in a rug."
Mike - Texas
When you buy an oriental rug, you are not only choosing an object of great beauty but you are buying a part of great ancient tradition stretching before the recorded time...
City Workshop
"Imagine sitting in your living room surrounded by your most prized possessions. Objects you've collected over the years. Objects that each tells a story, each has a personal history of it's own. Now imagine highlighting those objects with a beautiful oriental rug."
"Overall, excellent job and will definitely be returning for services in future!"
Sara - Pennsylvania
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